Corvus Supplies Energy Storage Systems For Four New Bcferries Ships

- Feb 28, 2020-

            Corvus energy recently announced that it has signed a contract with Damen shipyard to supply energy storage system (ESS) for four new battery hybrid ferries of BC ferries, a Canadian ferry operator.            It is reported that BC ferries has placed an order with Damen Shipyard Group to build four 8117 E3 type design "island level" Damen road ferries, which will be able to carry out zero pollution emission operation with full battery power in the future. If the charging system is in place, the ferry will use a low sulfur diesel generator set and battery hybrid system.            The four new vessels will provide ferry services between several islands, two of which will replace an aging ferry, increase liner frequency and passenger transport capacity, and reduce vehicle queuing and pollution emissions.            The first two island class new ships are expected to be put into operation by the middle of 2020, and the remaining two new ships will be delivered by 2022