Conrad Shipyard, USA, Is Authorized By Dartgate To Build A Tugboat For The Local Market

- Feb 12, 2018-

In the late summer of 2016, Young Brothers, the largest cargo service between Hawaii islands, ordered four new Damstein 3711 tugs from the Conrad Shipyard in Louisiana, starting in the first quarter of 2018. These vessels are built on the licensing and material supply agreement granted by Damen to Conrad Shipyard. René J. Leonard, vice president of business development and engineering at Conrad Shipyard, answered some questions about the details of the program and pointed out the potential advantages of the cooperation between Damen and Conrad Shipyard in the U.S. market:


Founded in 1948, Conrad Shipyard is a family-owned business that owns five shipyards along Louisiana and the Gulf of Texas, including inland vessels, barges, and various inland and offshore tugboats. In recent years, he has also been active in the ferry market and has been involved in some government plans to build dredgers, barges and tugboats.


This is the first contract between the two parties. However, Damen's standardized products and equipment make the construction process very efficient. Damen has a very professional team of engineers and designers, highly involved in the construction process, providing all equipment except steel and engine materials. The eight-person team from Conrad Shipyard will inspect the designs and materials to meet the unique needs of the United States and smooth the transfer between the two parties.


Compared with a single shipyard, Damen's global network and standardized products form a stronger purchasing power, ultimately providing customers with a cheaper combination of materials. And Delta provides services including warranty, maintenance, accessories and technical support to solve possible problems in the future, which will benefit the long-term interests of customers. Carriers can rely on Delta's experienced team. Conrad Shipyard is seeing this opportunity to work with Damen to provide its customers in the U.S. market with more competitive products.