CNAC Ships 6 More Orders For Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker

- Mar 13, 2018-

In recent days, CNAC ships have seized 6 orders for small stainless steel chemical ships.


In February, AVIC Ships and AVIC Dingheng (position review news) signed a letter of intent for the construction of six 3,600-ton stainless steel chemical tankers with the German shipowner GEFO Group. Recently, orders for six new ships have come into force one after another.


It is understood that the 3,600-ton stainless steel chemical tanker is 99.98 meters long, 14 meters wide, and has a design draught of 7.4 meters. The speed of 13 ships is expected to be delivered in 2020-2021.


GEFO Group is an old German shipowner, operating mainly in the European coastal areas (North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea) and Rhine Valley.


AVIC ships fully utilized its international advantages of its German representative office and formed a good communication and exchange with the shipowner GEFO Group, providing ship owners with a series of high-quality “one-stop” services ranging from technology, production, and business.


Previously, AVIC ships had delivered bulk vessel, container ship, slurry boat, and other ship projects to several German shipowners. The 3,600-ton stainless steel chemical tanker project was the first time China Aviation Dingheng took orders from chemical vessels of German shipowners. The establishment of a solid foundation for the opening of the small and medium chemical ship market in Germany.

Up to now, China Aviation's Dingheng Middle and Small Chemicals has reached 28 orders in hand and continues to lead the market in this segment.