Climaon Was Awarded A Contract For Four New Cruise Ship Waste Heat Recovery Systems

- Mar 27, 2020-

Climeon has received a contract from Norwegian ship operator havila voyages to provide a waste heat recovery system for its four newly built offshore tourist ferries.

According to reports, climaon's heat power waste heat recovery system is expected to be delivered in 2021 and 2022. Among them, the first two ships will install the climeon system when the ship is delivered and put into operation by the shipyard, and the third and fourth ships will install the climeon system before the new ship is delivered by the shipyard.

The heat power system uses the waste heat generated by the engine to heat the ship and generate clean power, reducing the fuel consumption of the new ship.

Based on the design of the havyard 923, the four new vessels are 124.1 meters long and 22 meters wide, capable of carrying 640 passengers. All the tourist ferries will be built by tersan shipyard in Turkey.

The new ship will be powered by a hybrid LNG and battery system that will allow the ferry to sail for up to four hours without noise and pollution. After delivery, the new vessel will serve the offshore route between Bergen and Kirkenes in northern Norway.