Man can't stop the scrubber?

- Mar 27, 2020-

More than 20 ports around the world have "released" waste gas scrubbers. Most ships use open scrubbers.

Due to the concern that the washing wastewater from the open waste gas scrubber may pollute the sea area, many ports prohibit the use of the open waste gas scrubber. Due to the lack of unified and clear relevant research, such concerns about washing wastewater pollution in the sea area may spread, leading to a further increase in the list of banned countries and ports.

The research results from Germany, DNV GL and Japan are different. The outcome of the debate can only be determined by further research data.

There is no way for human beings to stop the waste gas scrubber: according to the data, there are 1256 orders for refitting the waste gas scrubber of hand-held ships from the member units of Speke, a Chinese ship repair enterprise; alphaliner, a French shipping consultancy, points out that the total number of orders for the waste gas scrubber of container ships is estimated to be over 700; CSA 2020 2020) more than 20 ports around the world have confirmed that they do not intend to ban the use of waste gas scrubbers in their corresponding waters. Industry insiders said that the "release" of waste gas scrubbers by most ports may to some extent eliminate the doubts of shipowners, but whether there are more ports to restrict the use or more ports to allow the use of waste gas scrubbers ultimately depends on further research results, and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) may issue relevant plans and regulations.