CIMC Raffles Three Marine Ranch Platform Jointly Launched

- Mar 07, 2018-

CIMC Raffles three marine ranch platform jointly launched

At 8:00 a.m. on March 6, the joint launching operation of three jack-up marine ranch platforms at CIMC Raffles officially started at Longkou base. After eight hours of full cooperation with the project of Longkou base project, production, logistics and the Ministry of Water Resources, the three marine ranch platforms successfully completed the floating operation on the Tai Rui with the help of two tugboats and three fishing boats. At present, The platform is docked with cables and docked at a designated location. So far, the first launching operation of Longkou Base in 2018 has been successfully completed. The three platforms will also be planed to sail to the designated area of the shipowner in the near future according to the weather conditions and finish the delivery of the station pile. glenflange


Since the construction of the platform of offshore ranch since 2016, Longkou Base has never ceased its efforts to improve its water launching system, which aims to reduce the cost of launching water. With the joint efforts of the Ministry of Water Resources, Technology Department and the base, two ocean ranch platforms were successfully launched in May 2017. This time launching a Terry dive once, three platforms at the same time into the water, a single project to lower water costs over 30% year on year. This is a continuous optimization of the launching process of the marine ranch platform product and a continuous improvement of cost management as well as an achievement of the Company's improvement of "three workplaces" in 2018.glenflange


In the follow-up period, the base will summarize the experience of this launching operation and apply the optimized launching process to the sewer operation of the subsequent marine ranch project.