China Only Got One? Global New Shipbuilding Market Is Under Attack

- Mar 13, 2020-

The global newbuilding market has been affected by the new coronavirus epidemic. In February this year, the global order volume of new ships fell sharply. Only one order was received by Chinese ship enterprises, and the global ranking fell to the fourth from the first in January.

According to Clarkson's latest data, the global new ship orders in February totaled 18 300000 CGT, which is almost half less than the 33 750000 CGT orders in January.

Among them, South Korean ship enterprises received the most orders, reaching 8 200000 CGT, accounting for 67% of the global market share; Philippine ship enterprises ranked second in rare status, receiving 4 60000 CGT, accounting for 19% of the global share; Japan ranked third, with a total of 30000 CGT, accounting for 10%. In addition, Samsung heavy industry obtained orders for three shuttle tankers on February 28 this year, which are not included in South Korea's order receiving statistics in February.

Only one 8000 GT 680teu container ship was ordered by Chinese shipping companies, ranking fourth in the world. In contrast, in January this year, China's shipbuilding enterprises won nearly 70% of the world's new orders, receiving 22 510000 CGT, ranking first in the world.

Analysts believe that the reason for the sharp drop in the number of orders received by Chinese shipping companies is that the outbreak in February forced them to stop normal operations.

In the first two months of this year, global orders for new ships totaled 1.17 million CGT, a 76% year-on-year decrease. In terms of the cumulative orders received in the same period in the past three years, the orders in 2018 were 7.72 million CGT, in 2019 were 4.89 million CGT, this year only 1.17 million CGT, with a very obvious downward trend.

In terms of ship type, the orders of Suez and afra tankers increased by 33% and 70% respectively year on year, while the orders of VLCC and bulk carrier decreased, and the orders of large LNG ships (more than 140000 cubic meters) have not been made since this year. However, the industry forecasts that large-scale LNG ship orders from Qatar and Mozambique will be signed within this year, and the number of new ship orders from South Korea is expected to increase significantly.

As of the end of February, the total number of global handheld orders was 74.07 million CGT, a decrease of 1.6 million CGT on a month on month basis, among which, the number of handheld orders in China, Japan and South Korea decreased by 230000 CGT (1%), 470000 CGT (4%) and 680000 CGT (3%) respectively.

China's shipbuilding enterprises still rank first in the world with a holding order volume of 26.16 million CGT, accounting for 35% of the global market share; Korea's shipbuilding enterprises rank second with a holding order volume of 21.28 million CGT, accounting for 29%; Japan's shipbuilding enterprises rank third with a holding order volume of 10.91 million CGT, accounting for 15%.

Global new ship deliveries fell 66% to 1.17 million CGT in February. A significant 66% reduction compared to 3.49 million CGT in January. It is worth noting that in February, only 3 ships of 60000 CGT were completed by Chinese shipping enterprises, a significant reduction of 96% compared with 1.45 million CGT in January. The completed volume of Korean ship enterprises was 490000 CGT, a decrease of 64% on a month on month basis. Japan's shipbuilding enterprises completed 320000 CGT, a decrease of 39% month on month.

Industry analysis, with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, the new shipbuilding market is expected to increase uncertainty this year. In addition, due to the collapse of international oil price, the market of high value-added marine equipment and LNG ship may be stagnant. The industry is concerned that although these adverse factors will not appear immediately, they may affect the owners to postpone or even stop placing orders.