China Classification Society Officially Began Issuing E-certificates

- Apr 02, 2018-

On March 29, 2018, the China Maritime Safety Administration issued an announcement stating that in order to implement the strategy of “Strengthening the Power of the Sea and the Power of the Sea” and promoting the innovation of transportation technology and the construction of smart maritime affairs, the Maritime Safety Administration has authorized the ship inspection agency to issue the statutory survey for international sailing ships of Chinese nationality. e-Cert. This indicates that China Classification Society will officially begin issuing e-certificates. glenflange


The details of the announcement are as follows:


1.From now on, China Classification Society will issue a statutory survey e-certificate for Chinese international sailing ships, and Chinese national statutory survey e-certificates for ships with ships have the same effect as paper certificates. 90 deg elbow


2. The format and contents of the statutory survey e-certificate for international voyage ships of Chinese nationality are consistent with the format and content of the original paper certificate, except for the additional information contained in the Circular of the International Maritime Organization FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2.


3. Appointed a website of China Classification Society ( as a survey web site for statutory inspection e-certificates of internationally-sealed ships of Chinese nationality. Related parties may check through the unique identification code in the lower right corner of a statutory survey e-Cert. The authenticity of e-Cert.


4. in order to ensure the normal operation of the ship, the use of a paper certificate and e-certificate double set of certificates in parallel is currently used. slip on flange


5. The ship shall maintain the e-Cert and this Notice on board in an appropriate form for inspection by relevant parties.