CCS Issues The First Chinese Ship Electronic Certificate

- Apr 18, 2018-

,On April 17, 2018, China Classification Society (CCS) completed a special inspection of the Chinese container ship "New America". It issued the first Chinese national e-vessel certificate for international navigation and opened the ship together with the Chinese Maritime Affairs Bureau. The new model of electronic certificate issuance and inspection indicates that China’s maritime traffic management has entered the era of “electronic license management”.WN flanges


As the most important document for maritime affairs management in the international maritime community, e-certificates have the advantages of timely and convenient certificate transfer, safe and reliable prevention of tampering, and quick verification of validity compared to traditional paper ship certificates, and are embodied in the following aspects:


Reduce costs and increase efficiency. CCS e-Certs can be transmitted via e-mail or through storage devices, greatly reducing the time, traffic and economic costs associated with the transmission of traditional paper certificates. When e-Certs are used to handle related procedures, Reduces the administrative costs associated with paper certificates.


Security upgrades. The CCS e-Cert has the protection of public key encryption and digital signature. The editing function of the e-Cert in the PDF software has been encrypted and blocked and must not be used. At the same time, if criminals break the key by illegal means, the electronic certificate will be tampered with, and the digital signature of the electronic certificate will then be invalidated, thus ensuring the security of the certificate.


Simple and quick. CCS e-Cert has unique traceability codes and two-dimensional codes, which are used to quickly verify the validity of certificates. You can directly display whether the certificate is authentic and effective by scanning the QR code on the certificate or entering a unique traceability code on the CCS official e-Cert validation website. Provide relevant ship certificate information. The verification method is fast and convenient.LR elbow


The implementation of e-Cert will promote the effective use of the administrative resources of the shipping industry and related regulatory agencies, improve administrative efficiency, and further expand the paperless office area; further accelerate the processing time in the inspection process, and save time for certificate production and delivery. Reduce the cost of paper documents processing; further advance the process of electronic file management, promote the intelligent optimization and development of inspections and electronicize ship certificates, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the electronic and intelligent management of relevant regulatory authorities, and promote electronic The development of areas such as certificate security protection has enhanced the soft power of China's smart transportation and innovative development from multiple perspectives.LR elbow


It is worth mentioning that IMO has been devoting itself to the promotion and application of e-Certs for ships in recent years. In April 2016, the "Guidance for the Use of Electronic Certificates" was updated to provide for the issuance and approval of e-Cert by various competent authorities and recognized organizations. Practical guidance. At present, the maritime agencies of 14 countries including China, Denmark, and Singapore have authorized China Classification Society to issue e-certificates to their ships; the Chinese government is the first to approve the use of e-certificates in the A-member countries of the International Maritime Organization. The responsibility of the great powers plays.LR elbow