Cavotec Pushes Unmanned Automatic Mooring System

- Apr 26, 2018-

Cavotec will deliver and maintain automated, unattended mooring systems for customers at various ferry ports in Norway. pipe fittings


Recently, the company's MoorMaster mooring system received multiple new orders valued at approximately 9 million euros. After the completion of these projects, Cavotec's automated mooring system equipment in Scandinavia has covered more than 40 ferry ports operating on electricity. welding overlay


In recent years, in order to achieve the 40% CO2 emission reduction target, Norway has pioneered the promotion of ship power or hybrid power. Cavotec has therefore become an important participant in the development of innovative automated charging interfaces and mooring technologies. The MoorMaster device keeps the ship in a pre-programmed position to maximize the charge time of the marine battery device.


Since the launch of the world’s first all-electric car ferry “MF Ampere” in 2015, Cavotec’s system has provided mooring and charging technology for the ship. Since then, more and more electric ferry berths in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark have used Cavotec's mooring and charging technologies. pipe spooling


To date, more than 260 MoorMaster units have been used worldwide, providing approximately 330,000 mooring operations for ferry, bulk carrier and container ships. The rapid development of Norwegian power boats will make MoorMaster more widely used.