Cargotec Sets The 2018 Sustainable Development Goals

- Jan 18, 2018-

Cargotec sets the 2018 Sustainable Development Goals

Cargotec's expanded executive committee has set the company's 2018 sustainability goal in the hope of becoming the global leader in smart cargo handling.

Cargotec's 2018 focus will be on raising awareness of safety, setting new sustainability standards for supply chains, increasing the use of renewable energy and ensuring that corporate practices and procedures related to human rights are at the right levels.Glenflange

The company said in a statement released that "the company's road map and goals for sustainability will support the company's strategy.Developing a roadmap and goals for sustainability will not only ensure sustainable management of the company's operating standards but will also make the company A major supplier of sustainable goods handling solutions. "

Cargotec's 2018 Sustainable Development Goals include: Workplace Injury Rates (IIFR) of 4. Workplaces in Sweden and Finland will be 100% powered by renewable energy. Carry out a new human rights risk assessment of Cargotec's operations. Evaluate strategic suppliers 100% using sustainability self-assessment tools. Identify Suppliers' Supplier Code of Conduct to Cover Up to 80% of Direct Procurement Fees