Capesize Bulk Carrier Horsepower Full Open

- May 16, 2018-

Supported by China's steel demand, the freight rate of the Capesize bulk carrier broke the $20,000 level last Wednesday. Initially, Capesize bulk carrier freight rates began to rise earlier in the week and May 8, 2018 was the largest increase in recent months. piping spool

According to the FFA broker, the contract freight for May was Monday at $18,000, and Tuesday morning was $18,750. Later in the day, some trading volume rose to $19,200 and there was resistance. An FFA broker predicts: "The index is expected to continue rising on Wednesday and may exceed the $20,000 level."

The FFA broker stated: "The Capesize bulk carrier was pushed up again in early trading and continues to rise, and the index will once again reach a higher record." As a result, the Capesize bulk carrier's freight exceeded $20,000 on Wednesday. In the psychological aspect, the average charter of Capesize bulk carriers for five charter boats was US$20,469 and the average daily income was US$901. The June contract also showed a similar rebound, breaking through the $18,000 mark on Wednesday and averaging around $18,125.

In addition to earnings, Capesize bulk carriers have similar red warnings for contracts in the third and fourth quarters, and the fourth-quarter contract will be the biggest loser, dropping $300 on Wednesday to $21,875. The market for Capesize bulk carriers has risen sharply, which is in sync with the increase in iron ore demand brought about by the reduction in China's steel stocks. Overall, due to seasonal peaks in construction activity after winter production cuts, China's steel market demand in the second quarter is still promising. Good steel profit margins also encourage mills to produce more steel with greater efficiency.weld overlay elbows

The Capesize bulk carrier market rebounded and the Panamax bulk carrier market also rose slightly on Wednesday. In the early trading hours, a series of buying conditions appeared on the Panamax bulk carriers, pushing the contract prices in May and June up by an average of 200 US dollars, while the third quarter and the fourth quarter hit a high of 12,450 US dollars and 13,300 US dollars, respectively. .

However, the early rebound soon lost momentum but continued to be bullish on the near-term highs. As a result, the average price of the Panamax bulk carrier on Wednesday was US$10,089, which was a decrease of US$27.

Affected by the European holiday, the market activity of the Super Ling Bulk Bulk Carrier is relatively calm. By May 10, 2018, the contract price in May was $11,000, and the price in the third quarter was between $11,850 and $11,750.

However, the Supper-exposure Bulk Carrier Index returned to the positive range on Thursday, with an average charterparty rental of US$11,033, a slight increase of US$8 compared with a US$100 decline on Wednesday.

Similarly, Handysize bulk carriers have been very calm for a week and the curve has changed little. The average rent for regular charter boats is 8,527 dollars, which is an average of 3 dollars per day.