BV Class Will Be Issued Electronic Certification In Worldwide

- Mar 05, 2018-

After successful tests with shipowners and flag-raising countries, BV class has been able to issue electronic certification certificates such as classification and statutory certification. It is understood that the current French classification society's digital certification can cover 52 flag States, representing 72% of the classification of the fleet.


Patrick Le-Dily, vice president of legal compliance management at BV and Offshore Services, said: "There are so many flag-flag states that support our e-certification program and believe the e-certification business will grow rapidly. More flag states will Then join. "


In 2017, the French Agency for Classification issued more than 50,000 electronic certifications that cover a wide range of services, including the inspection of shipping containers.


BV's electronic certification was developed to comply with IMO FAL 5 / Circ.39 / Rev 2 guidelines.


The issuance of electronic certifications will make the job of shipowners and crew easier and save time and costs of obtaining paper certificates before they are used. E-Cert to meet the IMO guidance documents can reduce the management time and cost for related parties and improve the management accuracy. Compared with the traditional paper certificate, e-Cert is not easy to lose or damage, and only authorized personnel can modify the certificate. Each certificate has a unique QR code and port State authorities can scan the QR code to verify the authenticity and validity of the certificate on the BV secure website.