Burst! COSCO Shipping 75,000 Tons Of Cygnus Oil Tanker Was Hit

- Apr 16, 2018-

On April 13, COSCO “Cygnus” oil tanker was hit by a hole in the port of Zubai, Iraq.


According to foreign media FleetMon, in the Iraqi port of Zubay, a floating suspended ship unexpectedly crashed into a COSCO “Cygnus” oil tanker after being detached from a tugboat (ship-type shipyard) and was clearly seen in the video. The “Cygnus” hull can be seen to have water jets. It should be a hole in the ballast water (purchase of the product store). The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. 90 deg elbow LR


After the collision, the "Cygnus" tanker went to Rashid Port in Dubai for maintenance.


COSCO “Cygnus” oil tanker, IMO 9538476, dwt 75583, Gross Tonnage 43718, was built in 2012, and hangs the Hong Kong flag. The management company is COSCO SHIPPING TANKER. pipe fittings