Burst! A Container Ship Hit The Bank And Was Damaged

- Dec 31, 2019-

On December 27, a 2015teu container ship named "songA iridium" reported engine failure to the Bosporus channel traffic control center on the way from Odessa port in Ukraine to Ambarli port in Turkey, causing the ship to lose control and hit the road embankment, causing damage to the ship and delay in shipment!

At 12:00 local time on February 27, Turkey, the "songA iridium" container ship had engine failure when it was about to arrive at ambari port. After the failure, the ship turned to the starboard side and sailed to the embankment to try to reduce the inertia and stop or at least reduce the impact on the embankment. "SongA iridium" dropped two anchors in the process, but the starboard anchor failed to anchor successfully.

The ship finally hit the embankment, and both the ship and the embankment were damaged. At 15:00 p.m. local time on the 27th, the "songA iridium" ship was towed from the embankment to the sea of Marmara by a tugboat. At present, it has anchored at the external anchorage.

The capacity of "songA iridium" container is 2015teu, involving 5 well-known shipping companies including Dafei, Herbert, etc. sharing cabins: APL, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, Zim. It is a black sea feeder ship serving the three ports of Odessa, Constantza, Romania and Ambarli, Turkey.

The "songA iridium" ship normally arrived at Ambarli port on December 27 and left for the next port on December 28. According to the positioning of AIS ship on the ship information network, due to the accident, the ship is still anchored at the overseas anchorage of Marmara as of today (29), and the ship has been delayed. If there are transshipment cargo stowed on the vessel, please pay attention to the notice of the shipping company to know the departure and cargo delay in time.

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What is the relationship between ambari and kumport? The same port?

Foreign trade practitioners who are not familiar with Istanbul port will often ask this question, and some foreign trade veterans will also be confused. So, what is the relationship between ambari and kumport? The same port?

Istanbul (Istanbul) has two ports, one is ambari port and the other is Haydarpasa port. Haydarpasa is in the Asian part of Istanbul, while ambari is in the European half. Ambarli is a general term for a large number of ports, including kumport, mardas and MARPORT. Obviously, it is the most convenient distance for goods to be transferred to all points in Europe and unloaded from Ambarli.

Therefore, the relationship between ambari and kumport is like that between Shenzhen port and Yantian port, and between Shanghai port and Yangshan port. One belongs to the port and the other can be called the wharf.