BDI Index Triple Up Back To 1100 Points(flanges)

- Feb 09, 2018-

BDI index triple up back to 1100 points

International Shipping Network February 8 news,

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) rose 9 points on Thursday, or up 0.82%, to 1106 points.

The Baltic Capesize Index (BCI) increased 84 points or 5.32% MoM to 1662 points.

The Baltic Panamax Bulk Carrier Index (BPI) dropped 30 points, or 2.32%, to 1263 points.

The Baltic Speedy Bulk Index (BSI) dropped 11 points, or 1.30% MoM, to 833 points.

The Baltic's Handy Bulk Cargoes Index (BHSI) dropped 3 points, or 0.56% MoM, to 529 points.(welding overlay,flange,pipe spooling)


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