Austal Delivers 12th Littoral Combat Ship To U.S. Navy

- Mar 06, 2018-

Austal USA delivered its seventh independent variant Littoral Combat Ship "LCS 14" to the U.S. Navy on February 28. This will be the 12th Littoral Combat Ship to join the US Navy's fleet.


The "Manchester" was the second littoral combatant that Austal delivered to the U.S. Navy in less than six months.


Currently, the United States Navy still has six Littoral Combat Vessels built at Austal's Alabama Shipyard. "Tulsa" (LCS 16) is undergoing the final preparation before the acceptance test, the "Charleston" (LCS 18) is preparing shipyard sea trials, "Cincinnati" (LCS 20) and "Kansas City" (LCS 22) Being assembled, modules for "Oakland" (LCS 24) and "Mobile" (LCS 26) are under construction. The Littoral Combat Ship, recently named "Savannah," will begin construction later this year.


Over 900 U.S. suppliers in 41 states will contribute to the construction of the independent variant Littoral Combat Ship. Austal also undertook a contract to build 12 Expedition Rapid Transit (EPF) ships for the U.S. Navy. Austal has delivered nine expedition fast-moving vessels, and three are in various stages of construction.