An Oil Tanker Exploded In The Port Of Vietnam And Caught Fire

- Mar 14, 2018-

According to the Haiphong Port Authority, on March 10, a tanker berthed in the Vietnamese port exploded after an explosion.


It is reported that the oil tanker that exploded during the explosion was the “Hai Ha 18” wheel, which was loaded with 900 cubic meters of A92 gasoline. During the explosion, the ship was unloading. During the operation, the ship's pump stopped working, so the "Hai Ha 18" was asked to leave the Song Cam dock area for maintenance, and then the ship exploded and fired shortly thereafter.


The news shows that many firefighting forces have arrived at the scene to control the fire.


As of March 11th, the "Hai Ha 18" wheel has been moved to the other side of the fairway to prevent the spread of fire to nearby areas. Fire work is still in progress.