An Extremely Large Liquefied Gas Tank(pipe Spooling) Collided With An Anchor Tanker

- Feb 02, 2018-

At about 1 pm on January 31 local time, a VLGC "Passat" collided with an anchored cruise ship "New Confidence" at the anchorage outside Pyeongtaek, South Korea.


It is reported that "Passat" owner Avance Gas Holding, the company said the collision did not cause crew or other office workers were injured.glenflange


Although "Passat" damaged the hull during the accident, Avance Gas said the vessel was a "slight collision" and the incident caused no sea or air pollution.


Avance Gas said the port authorities had notified the Coast Guard that the captain and crew were taking all necessary measures to contain the damage.glenflange


It is understood that "Passat" VLGC carrying a total of 24 crew members. The ship carried 40935 tons of LPG cargo, arrived in the United States from Losangeles South Korea.