American AAM Shipyard Won The Contract For Construction Of High-speed Passenger Ferry

- Mar 05, 2018-

American AAM shipyard won the contract for construction of high-speed passenger ferry


The US board of KitsapTransit recently approved a contract valued at $ 15 million, agreeing that All American Marine (AAM), a shipyard, build two identical high-speed Passenger Passenger Passages of Rich Passage.


The new ferry was designed on the basis of the "Rich Passage1" ferry built by AAM in 2011. The shipyard received an exclusive license to construct the hull of a Teknicraft company in North America. Teknicraft's patented hydrofoil-assisted hull design has proven its many benefits.glenflange


With the successful experience of the two vessels involved in the new contract, RP-2 and RP-3, the new vessels will better meet the operational needs of the route.


The new captain of 77 meters, designed to transport 118 passengers, service speeds up to 37 knots. The onboard high-power propulsion system will be equipped with four water jet thrusters and Caterpillar's C-18 engine to meet EPA tier III emission requirements.glenflange


AAM Shipyards is also currently building a new 72-meter-long, 149-passenger aluminum catamaran for KitsapTransit's ferry line while the shipyard is also building one of the largest aluminum systems for San Francisco ship owners, Red and White Fleet Hybrid boat. These new ships are built at the shipyard's new shipyard.