Alewijnse Is Awarded An Electrical Installation Contract For A New Diamond Mining Ship

- Mar 27, 2020-

Alewijnse recently announced that it has been awarded a contract to complete the electrical installation of the world's newest and largest offshore diamond mining vessel. It is reported that as another mining vessel (AMV) designated by the owner De Beers marine Namibia (private) Co., Ltd., the vessel will be the 7th vessel of the operator debbarine Namibia fleet.

Alewijnse said that this is the second cooperation between the company and Damen Shipyard Group. The electrical installation work will be carried out at Mangalia shipyard in Damen Romania.

The ship started construction in May 2019, cutting the first steel plate. Alewijnse is now preparing to embark. A team of more than 200 skilled technicians will be engaged in the installation work. The project is expected to be completed by December 2020, and the ship will start operation on the coast of Namibia in 2022.

Amv3 is a complex offshore diamond mining vessel with partners from the mining industry and maritime sector involved in the construction process. The function of the new ship requires a series of complex systems, including power, control and monitoring, the most important of which is the latest seabed crawling technology, which can collect diamonds from the seabed. For this purpose, the ship will be equipped with a 300 metric ton crawler type machine, equipped with a mechanical arm, which can move in a horizontal arc and excavate materials from the seabed at a depth of about 130 meters below the hull. A large shipyard then screened the dredged gravel, took out the diamonds and sealed them with metal cans.

Another huge and complex system on board is 7 thrusters and DP2 power positioning system, which will be powered by 6 generator sets, each with a power of 3230 ekw.