AET Tankers Receives Four New Oil Refineries

- Jan 30, 2018-

AET Tankers, owner of the oil and chemicals carrier, announced that it has named and received four new oil refueling vessels as part of its fleet renewal.


Recently, the company held a naming ceremony for tankers in two Korean shipyards. On January 24, AET named two vessels of 134,300 DWT "Eagle Barcelona" and "Eagle Brisbane" at the shipyard of Samsung Heavy Industries & Construction. On January 26, the company named and received two other SUVs, "Eagle San Francisco" and "Eagle San Jose", at Hyundai Heavy Industries's Ulsan Shipyard.


AET said all four newbuildings will join its fleet as part of its ongoing fleet renewal program. These four vessels will sign a charter agreement with the oil company.


Rajalingam Subramaniam, president and chief executive officer at AET, said four new refineries that join the fleet will replace aging ships and provide more flexibility to corporate clients.


AET Tankers said the four newbuildings are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, fully compliant with the forthcoming new regulations, including regulatory reporting and verification requirements for ballast water management, sulfur emission control and carbon monitoring.


In addition, the company will also receive two LNG bi-fuel Afrah tankers later this year and will receive two LNG dual fuel DPII shuttle tankers in 2019.