Acta Marine Signed A Second Wind Farm Construction Support Contract This Week With ULSTEIN, A Norwegian Shipowner, To Be Delivered Soon.

- Feb 11, 2018-

The newbuilding under the contract is a sister ship to Acta Auriga, a shipbuilding company, designed for ULSTEIN SX195. The ship will be delivered in the second quarter of 2019.


The captain 93,4 m, width 18m, to meet the 120 people living. Equipped with SMST dynamic compensation corridor and elevator tower for personnel and material handling; a 6T 3D compensating crane; deck area of 1000m2, half of which indoors, to maximize the storage of materials to meet the smooth delivery; The vessel is also equipped with a low fuel consumption system and a helicopter platform. The main equipment of the ship are arranged in the ship's bow, the main operation is also carried out from the bow department. The X-STERN® is fully equipped to demonstrate its advantages. No waves are attacked by the ship when the X-STERN bow is facing a storm, nor are the noise and vibrations caused by the waves contributing to the crew's comfort.


Robboer, Managing Director of Acta Marine, said: "Acta Auriga, the first wind-powered construction support vessel built by the Ustan Shipyard, is about to embark on a trial run and we are very satisfied with the progress of the project. The second sister ship is a guarantee of the quality and time of delivery of the Ustan Shipyard and is extremely important to us, as shipowners and our customers, and we believe that the Acta SX195 wind farm construction support vessel can enhance the quality of the marine supplies Transport efficiency, thereby reducing wind farm operation and maintenance costs, at the same time she can provide an annual work window, contribute to the construction and maintenance of the wind park. "


Gunter Ulstein, CEO of Ustan Group, said: "Acta Marine is positioned as a renewable source of energy and offshore oil and gas and has high requirements for vessel flexibility, efficiency and time at sea working hours. According to these requirements of shipowners , We designed the Ulstein SX195 and the first vessel, the Acta Auriga, is due to be completed. Thanks to Acta Marine for his trust and recognition of Ustane, we are again able to work with Acta Marine to build a second walk-to-work wind Field construction support boat full of expectation. "