Abu Dhabi Port Company Cooperates With Robert Allan To Develop The World's First Commercial Unmanned Tugboat

- Mar 27, 2020-

On March 4, Abu Dhabi ports announced its cooperation with Canadian ship design company Robert Allan Ltd. to develop the world's first self driving commercial tugboat. Recently, the two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding for this purpose.

Once the development is completed, the tug will join safeen, the maritime services division of the Abu Dhabi port company, which maintains an expanding world-class fleet. One of the main advantages of this innovative design is its strong ability to operate such ships in more severe weather conditions due to the transfer of human factors from ships to shore. In addition, new technologies will help improve efficiency and operational safety.

Falah Mohammad al ahbabi, chairman of Abu Dhabi port company, said: "the agreement marks a milestone in our digital transformation and reaffirms our commitment to ensure that the emirate of Abu Dhabi will consolidate its reputation as a leading regional and global center for digital innovation. Leading the digitalization of offshore operations in the region is a priority for Abu Dhabi port company and we are committed to providing a leading model for the industry. The adoption of digital solutions and meeting the changing demands of Global trade have proved to be key drivers of economic growth and indispensable for achieving our smart port goals.

"Developing solutions and building strategic partnerships with industry experts will help transform the global offshore business model." glenflange

Mohamed Juma al shamisi, chief executive of the Abu Dhabi port group, said: "our cooperation with Robert Allan in the development of a new generation of tugs equipped with advanced functions and modern technology reflects our commitment to ensure that the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi port company is in a leading position. We are committed to providing intelligent and innovative digital solutions for the marine trade and port communities and our valued customers. The agreement is another qualitative supplement to our digital equipment library, which will improve performance efficiency, productivity, transparency and security, and reduce costs. Our continued investment in technology and advanced infrastructure will ensure the growth and sustainability of our business and make us a greater contribution to the diversification of Abu Dhabi's knowledge-based economy. "

Mike Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Robert Allan, said: "we are very pleased to work with Abu Dhabi port company on this project, which provides us with an excellent opportunity to develop the world's first remotely operated tugboats for the business sector. The project is unique in that all stakeholders in the UAE and Abu Dhabi are actively involved, which will ensure a smooth transition from ship building to commercial operation. "

"Robert Allen has been working on the technical challenges of pilotless tugs for several years, but without the opportunity to work with Abu Dhabi port, we would have stagnated in commercial construction."