About IMO 2020, What Shipowners Are Most Worried About Is Happening

- Nov 28, 2019-

According to the exhaust gas purification system Association (egcsa), the operation status of IMO 2020 is disappointing, and the most worrying thing for shipowners is becoming a reality.

One of the main concerns of egcsa is that some owners who have chosen to modify the scrubber are disappointed by the delay and cost increase of the project.

In the latest information exchange report for the fourth quarter of 2019, the association said that "the sharp increase in orders for retrofitting, coupled with the global concentration of retrofitting projects in Chinese shipyards, may lead to default and re decision-making issues."

For those owners who choose to use low sulfur oil in accordance with IMO 2020, the concerns about fuel quality, especially fuel stability, cannot be eliminated.

Egcsa points out that "many ships will only change into compliant fuel one week before the end of the year, and they have no experience in new fuel.". And time will tell us if it is necessary to worry about new fuels. "

The biggest concern is still at the implementation level. Since the implementation of the new regulation on January 1, 2020, how to ensure a fair competition environment for all participants will be a long-standing problem. Egcsa said that due to the lack of comprehensive and consistent enforcement measures, the fair competition environment may be distorted.

In addition, many government departments are not ready for legislative work, complete inspection and law enforcement training.