ABB Helps Zero-emission Water Taxi

- Apr 20, 2018-

On April 13, 2018, a futuristic, zero emission, new water taxi called SeaBubbles was displayed on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The vehicle is designed to not affect the environment or impose any burden on the urban infrastructure. It is an important milestone in the field of new modes of transport. Water taxis will be equipped with the ABB AbilityTM Ship Advisory System – Octopus (OCTOPUS), a software solution that helps crews collect and analyze all relevant data and optimize water navigation. glenflange


The newly designed demonstration boat received the support of the Canton of Geneva government and the Ministry of Energy, Transport and Agriculture (DETA) represented by Luc Barthassat and Pierre Maudet. In the coming months, further trial flights will be carried out.90 DEG Elbow

ABB AbilityTM Shipping Consultation System - Octopus (OCTOPUS) will start pilot project deployment in early May. By then, the ABB octopus system will provide the SeaBubbles Control Center with real-time data covering virtually every aspect of the ship's operational status. pipe fittings