A Product Tanker Fires In The Outskirts Of South Korea

- May 09, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, at 9:10 am local time on May 8, local time, the product tanker SUNNY ORION was involved in a fire in the Tsuma Strait, about 55 nautical miles south of Busan, South Korea. pipe fittings


It is reported that when the SUNNY ORION wheel departed from Hong Kong to Ulsan, a fire broke out in an empty cargo tank on the ship. At that time, 4,700 tons of highly flammable and toxic liquid xylene was loaded on board. About 20 minutes after the fire broke out, the fire was extinguished and no 21 Philippine crew members were injured.welding overlay flange


The "SUNNY ORION" wheel is still continuing its voyage and is expected to arrive in Ulsan in the afternoon of August. The Korea Rescue Service and the Coast Guard have already dispatched a warship and a helicopter to the rescue. However, due to the high winds and waves in the sea, rescue workers may find it difficult to approach.


It is understood that the "Sunny Orion" wheel is a 12203 dwt product tanker built in 2010, a Panamanian ship, and the owner is Japan Asahi Tankers. pipe spooling