A 164 Passengers On A Passenger Ship In South Korea Have All Been Rescued

- Mar 26, 2018-

A 164 passengers on a passenger ship in South Korea have all been rescued

On March 25, a 163-person ferry crashed into the sea near Shinan-gun on Jeollanam-do South Korea. The Korean Coast Guard launched a massive rescue operation. At present, 163 people have all been saved and at least six people have been injured.


It is reported that the tattering occurred at 3:47 local time, located near Shinan, about 400 kilometers south of Seoul.


According to Yonhap News, some tourists visited Hongdou Island and sailed towards Mokpo. In order to avoid hitting a passing fishing boat, the ferry hits the reef when changing course. At that time, there were 158 passengers and 5 crew members on board. The passenger liner hit the reef and caused violent shaking, causing 6 minor injuries. 10 degrees of inclination after the hull hit the reef.glenflange


According to previous news, the South Korean Coast Guard initially stated that the ferry contained 187 passengers and 5 crew members, and later changed to 158 passengers.


An official of the South Korean Coast Guard said that the rescue has progressed smoothly. Because the ferry has hit the rocks, it has no water or no balance.


The official said that four coast guard boats and nearby civilian vessels rescued the 158 passengers and five crew members on the ferry.


A South Korean government spokesman said that the South Korean government has launched a large-scale rescue operation and has opened an emergency center to deal with this incident.


According to the Coast Guard, at least six people have been slightly injured and the team has already treated the injured. As of 5:52 local time, all people were safely rescued.glenflange


It is understood that the location of the impact of the reef is not far from the location of the 2014 World Shipwreck. At the time, the ferry contained 476 people and 304 people died.