32 Peoples Lost At The East Sea Of China

- Jan 09, 2018-

January 6, 2018 20 am, Panamanian-registered tanker "SANCHI" wheel and Hong Kong nationals bulk carrier "CF CRYSTAL" round collision occurred at about 160 nautical miles east of the Yangtze River estuary.


The accident caused "SANCHI" tanker ship misfire, ship right deviation, the crewer 32 lost contact;

bulk carrier "CF CRYSTAL" round of damage, but it does not endanger the safety of the ship, 21 crew members have been rescued


It is understood that the Panamanian tankers "SANCHI" round under the Iran glorious shipping limited (BRIGHT SHIPPING LIMITED), the captain of 274 meters, containing condensate of about 136,000 tons, from Iran to South Korea, the ship 32, of which 30 Iranian, Bangladesh-born 2, currently in the state of being out of touch; Hong Kong-born bulk carrier "CF CRYSTAL" turn under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Wenling Changfeng Shipping Co., Ltd., the captain of 225 meters, containing 64,000 tons of food, from the United States headed to Guangdong, China, 21 , All for China