2400 Sheep Died Of Heat! An Australian Livestock Boat Accident

- Apr 09, 2018-

Due to the hot weather, 2,400 goats on board a livestock carrier from Australia to the Middle East were killed. The incident shocked the Australian livestock industry. glenflange


According to the BBC, the Australian Government stated that in August last year, a livestock transport ship from Fremantle, Australia to Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates reported a thermal death of sheep. At that time, the ship carried 63,800 sheep, of which 2,400 were because Insufficiently heat-resistant and alive, with a death rate of 3.76%, exceeding 2% of the standard value, according to regulations, all living export goods with mortality rates exceeding 2% will be subject to review. It is understood that relevant departments have already investigated the incident. pipe fittings


One of the prosecutors turned the film on board to the Australian Animal Association, which last week handed over the film to David Littleproud, Agriculture Minister of Australia.


The sources said that David Littlepround was very shocked after watching. He said that he was very clear about the importance of exporting animals to Australian farmers, but encouraged the people to come forward and the government could catch those who did bad things.90 deg LR elbow


It is reported that the Australian government announced that it will conduct an urgent investigation to clarify the responsibility. The Canberra government also warned on the 6th that if the future of the sea-going vessels fails to meet the standards, they will not be allowed to export live animals.