19 Tankers Were Kidnapped By Hussein?

- Apr 27, 2018-

Observer Network News, Arab English TV reported on April 20 local time, Saudi Arabian ambassador Muhammad Al-Jaber confirmed (Muhammad Al-Jaber) confirms that Yemeni Hussein has seized 19 oil tankers. Loading 200,000 tons of oil and preventing these ships from entering Hodeidah in Yemen.


However, there is no other news source to confirm this news. Ambassador Saudi Arabia did not further disclose the specific information of the tanker being detained. welding overlay


However, this news was reprinted and quickly spread on the 23rd by the internationally renowned financial blog “Zero Hedging,” which may have affected international oil prices.

Saudi Arabian ambassador Al Jabbar wrote on Twitter on the 21st that "Israel-backed Hussein seized 19 oil tankers in the Al-Mustaqaf area, preventing them from entering the port and Yemen’s The Humanitarian Support Center (YCHO) is deeply concerned about this," Al-Jaber wrote on Saturday's Twitter.


The ambassador also speculated three reasons for the hijacking of tankers by the Hussein Armed Forces. One was that they tried to use the ship and the people and goods on it to extort; the other was to try to block the Huandai Port and organize rescue and humanitarian supplies to enter Yemen; The threat of destroying oil tankers has caused significant environmental damage to the Red Sea environment.


However, this ambassador's claim is currently the only source of this oil tanker seizure. No other news confirms that Hussein actually hijacked any tanker. The ambassador also did not disclose specific details about the hijacked vessel.


The port of Haad Tada is Yemen’s largest port and is also a destination for many tankers and humanitarian relief. Yemen controls the global oil transportation hub at the mouth of the Red Sea. Millions of barrels of crude oil are transported daily via the Suez Canal to Europe via the Yemeni coast. pipe fittings


Currently, the famous financial blog “Zerohedge” (Zerohedge) reprinted this news on April 23, followed by some domestic financial media such as Oriental Fortune Net, which also made a statement, which may have a certain impact on the current rise in international oil prices.


Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Price Futures Group, said: "The conflict seems to be escalating. Although Saudi Arabia seems to be very good at intercepting missiles, the crude oil market is concerned that if a missile really hits the missile, Oil facilities, what will happen to oil prices?"


According to the list of ships obtained by a maritime network from a Yemeni humanitarian organization, according to the Sindh Maritime Network, of the 19 ships that were hijacked, 17 are tankers, one is a bulk carrier carrying wheat, and the other is called gas. Transport ship.


According to public information, Bahia Damas was a 36,000-dwt ship built by Beravero Maritime, a Greek owner, in 1991. Volante Shipowner is Evalend Shipping. There is also a ship called Liaki Freedom owned by Perosea Shipping. Carpe Diem II of NGM Energy. There are 4 Eurotank Maritime companies. Oryx Shipping owns one. These are Greek shipowners.


In addition, vessels of the Emirates shipping lines Folk Shipping, Emirates Shipping, OBN Ships Trading and Betatank M were also detained. The owner of LPG ship Celanova is Global Gas of Spain.

These ships are currently being detained by the Hussein armed elements at the anchorage of the Dutch site.