133 People Diagnosed! Another Terror Cruise Rings The Alarm

- Mar 27, 2020-

133 confirmed 1 death! Princess another luxury cruise ship, Princess ruby, sounded the alarm. Nearly 2700 passengers on board were allowed to disembark in Sydney without inspection and return home by public transport, becoming Australia's largest source of new coronavirus infection. The tragedy of the diamond princess is likely to happen again.

133 passengers were confirmed dead, and nearly 2700 passengers were disembarked

On March 24th, novel coronavirus was diagnosed in 1 hospitals in New South Wales, Australia. The 78 year old woman was once one of the first confirmed passengers of the Ruby Princess.

So far, the Ruby Princess has been confirmed by 133 passengers. To make matters worse, the ship arrived in Sydney on March 19, and most of its 2647 passengers had disembarked and disbanded.