Why we need prefabrication of pipe spools?

- Aug 03, 2017-

For pipe field installation, prefabrication may be the ideal way to save your cost.

The following is the advantages of pipe spool prefabrication.

1.Easier to control the quality of work.

2.To minimize production delays even in bad weather.

3.Solve the problems of skill & labor shortage when pipe installation.

4.Compared with the site fabrication, lower in manufacturing cost.

5.Prefabricated spool will take less fabrication line.

6.Prefabrication of spool will save your investment on fabrication and testing equipment.

7.Strictly according to the third party inspections, quality totally guaranteed.

8.Better to control the welding quality, so avoid unnecessary re-work.

9.Lesser dependency on power availability, avoiding unnecessary time delays.

10.Improved safety in better manufacturing conditions than on site.