Why do we choose Copper Nickel ?

- Jul 19, 2017-

As we all known, Copper Nickel (Cu-Ni) alloys are now widely used in marine and industrial applications. Because of its lot of advantages:

High corrosion resistance properties (being non-corrodible, they have long lifetime and lower pipeline maintenance costs).

Durability (high safety factor of mechanical strength in terms of hydraulic damages).

Well withstand high and low temperatures. The lowest allowable temperature is minus 100°

Natural antifouling properties. Cu-Ni  is one of the very few alloys with natural Antifouling properties.

Good fabrication qualities.


Copper Nickel Applications:

Copper Nickel alloys are widely used for marine applications due to their excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, high inherent resistance to biofouling and ease of fabrication.

Subsea marine area

Sea water pipe work

Shipbuilding & offshore energy.

Oil and gas production

Heat exchangers and condensers

Power stations

The two main cooper nickel are 90/10 ( C71500) and 70/30( C70600). The 70/30 is the stronger and has greater resistance to seawater flow, while the 90/10 provide good service for most applications.  Due to Cu-Ni alloy are becoming more widely available and acceptable. Besides, it also means sources for supply of this material are easily accessible.

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