What is titanium flange? Application of Titanium Flanges

- Mar 06, 2018-

What is titanium flange? Application of Titanium Flanges


Titanium flange is the use of non-ferrous metal titanium or titanium alloy made of a pipe and pipe interconnecting parts, connected to the pipe end.


Titanium flange holes, bolts make the two flanges closely linked. Flange sealed with gasket. Flanged pipe fittings (flanged pipe fittings) refers to the flange (flange or plate) of the pipe.


It can be made by casting, but also by screwing or welding. Flange coupling (flange, joint) by a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number of bolt nut composition. Gasket on the flange between the two flanges, tighten the nut, the gasket surface than the pressure reaches a certain value after deformation, and fill the sealing surface uneven, so that the connection tight leakage.


Slotted nuts: Bolts with holes on the ends of the screws to be fitted are inserted and fixed with cotter pins. They are mainly used on equipment with vibration load.


Hex Flange Nuts: With a larger ratio of support area to stress area, they are able to withstand higher preload. So generally used in automotive engines, heavy machinery and other products.