What is the Forging Process?

- Sep 07, 2017-

What is the Forging Process?


The forging process is a manufacturing process that involves applying force to metal in order to deform and change the shape of the metal and form a specific piece. Usually the metal is deformed using a negative cavity, or a die, and then is hammered, pressed, rolled or squeezed to modify the metal into the desired geometric shape. Metal forging is used to create some of the strongest manufactured parts, like steel forgings, as mentioned previously, that are commonly used in cars and aerospace components.


The forging process can be done either with cold or hot forging, depending on the ultimate shape and purpose of the part being created. If the component required a lot of detail and sophistication in the design, hot forging will most likely be used. However, if the steel forgings are less sophisticated and need to be manufactured in large quantities, cold forging will be the best option.


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