What is a pipe spool?

- Aug 04, 2017-

What is a pipe spool?

Pipe spooling are a sections of pipe, valve, elbow,flange that have been put together (welding, connection) to meet the needs of construction project. In order to speeding up work on the project. Constructor prefers to do prefabrication in factory, and allow pipe assembly in the early stagers of project. Also, pipe/flange are easier to connect inside than construction site. In general, pipe/flange/elbow, can be moved around and manipulated while being welded together off-sit. It is impossible for manipulation if they are assembled at the work site. Welder need to move into awkward positions to complete their work. Constructor usually ask factory to be welded pipe/flange/elbow together. Which can save times and easy to work on site.

How is it done?

Piping spool is a prefabrication parts of piping systems. It can refer to the construction of the piping system. Or the design from drawing.

It usually consists of many piping components: pipe/tubes/elbows/tee/flange/swages/coupling/branched connection/caps/pipe support and others.

The spooling is to take a part from the general drawing of system. And divide it in smaller sections. Which assembled in workshop, and easily mounted in field.