Wartsila was awarded the supply contract of 3 ro ro ships by Jinling shipyard

- Feb 20, 2020-

Technology Group Wartsila recently received an order to supply hybrid retrofit systems for three Ro / Ro ships being built by Jinling shipyard for FINNLINES, a subsidiary of Grimaldi group in Italy. Wartsila's order was awarded in the fourth quarter of 2019.            

According to reports, the new length of 238 meters, width of 34 meters, lane length of 5800 meters, vehicle deck area of more than 5000 square meters, flexible response to various ro cargo. Wartsila's hybrid scheme includes a 5000 kwh energy storage system to enable these Ro / Ro ships to operate in the port with zero emissions and to meet the requirements of the green + classification symbol of the Italian classification society. The ship also has a 1A super ice class symbol.           

 "Wartsila's smart ship technology is designed to provide an efficient solution with minimal impact on the environment, and this order is another example of how we can turn this approach into a practical and reliable reality," said Mikael Lindholm, head of new shipbuilding at finlines            

Emanuele, CEO, finlines "These new ferries will be the most environmentally sustainable of their kind," said Grimaldi. "Finlines is a leader in the development of hybrid ships, marine batteries and energy management systems. Through investment in research and development and cooperation with suppliers, our goal is to achieve all the ambitious environmental goals set by the International Maritime Organization and the international shipping community on time."           

Wartsila also supplies in-line shaft generators, power output / input converters and transformers, which are scheduled to be delivered to Jinling shipyard in the second half of 2020.