Wartsila scenescan system is approved by DNV GL

- Feb 20, 2020-

The scenescan position reference system developed by Wartsila has recently obtained the type approval issued by DNV GL classification society. As the first laser based relative dynamic positioning (DP) reference system in the world, scenescan represents the paradigm shift of traditional DP reference system. It can work without pre positioning the target, thus providing greater operational flexibility than the traditional system. In addition, because it does not need to reflect the target, the cost is also reduced.            

It is understood that scenescan system is the world's first non target dynamic positioning (DP) laser sensor developed by guidance marine company of Wartsila. It is a high-precision rotary laser sensor, which can provide position information and help to automatically approach and / or maintain the position relative to the structure or ship. The design is easy to operate, and provides tracking information related to natural or artificial structures in the sensor field of view. It tracks by matching the map generated by the previously observed scene with its current field observation results. The system does not need a target reflector, so it can improve the safety and normal operation time.            

Although the dynamic positioning reference system is usually used for marine engineering ships, the type approval test of scenescan is carried out on the LNG bunkering ship "kairos" owned by German owner Bernhard Schulte kg, which extends the potential of dynamic positioning application and goes beyond the traditional marine engineering domain. The system was installed and commissioned on the ship in October 2019, and the type approval test was successfully completed in December 2019. The installation was carried out by the crew without the supervision of Wartsila, so the user friendliness of the system design was emphasized.            

Wartsila said that the type approval of dnv-gl clearly demonstrated the technical leadership of Wartsila in this field and provided functional verification. The innovative scenescan method reduces the cost and improves the safety of ships in close operation. In addition, through the test on the LNG fuel bunkering ship, the application and development of the power positioning capacity is promoted again, and the prospect of power positioning is expected to change significantly in 2020