Ulstein designs and builds the world's most advanced polar exploration cruise ship to complete the sea trial

- Feb 20, 2020-

The polar exploration cruise ship "National Geographic endurance", built by Ulstein verft shipyard in Norway, has recently completed sea trial and will be delivered to the owner Lindblad expedition & National Geographic at the end of February, and will start her Arctic first voyage in April.            "National Geographic endurance" is designed with Ulstein polar exploration liner cx104 and equipped with Ulstein patented bow X-Bow. The ship is 124.4 meters long and carries 126 passengers. The proportion of balcony rooms in 69 rooms is as high as 75%, providing passengers with zero distance sightseeing experience.            "National Geographic endurance" is known as the most advanced polar exploration cruise ship in the world. It meets the ice enhancement symbol of dnv-gl PC5 category A and can sail in the ice covered sea all year round. It is the highest level of all polar exploration cruise ships. This also enables her to take passengers to the far "distant places" that other polar exploration cruises cannot go to, providing passengers with extraordinary exploration experience.            The Ulstein X-Bow equipped on the ship is not only unique in appearance, but also has the airworthiness and fuel economy under severe sea conditions. For example, when crossing the Drake Strait, the X-Bow has been verified by the real ship and praised by the passengers.            In the field of exploration equipment, "National Geographic endurance" is not only equipped with traditional exploration tools, such as kayaks, rubber boats, snowmobiles, but also equipped with underwater robots, hydrophones, underwater cameras and other underwater equipment to show passengers an all-round underwater world.            According to national geographic, the first voyage of the National Geographic endurance will be the Arctic sea area north of Russia. The 26 day voyage will go to Russia's Arctic route, one of the "top six most worth exploring places in the world". Due to the distance and bad sea conditions, only a few polar cruises have been to the famous northeast route in the world. That's why adventure enthusiasts are so looking forward to National Geographic endurance.