The most common problem with stainless steel flanges

- Feb 01, 2018-

Modern industrial automation is more and more popular, the production of products by mechanical equipment are automatically continuous production. Therefore, the strength of mechanical equipment itself is very large. For a long period of high-strength operation, the use of machinery and equipment prone to a variety of problems, in some mechanical equipment, stainless steel flange is an important part of, because the flange in this device is to play Fix some mechanical parts, but in continuous use, it is inevitable that there will be a series of problems. Therefore, during the operation of the equipment, the equipment should be regularly repaired on all running parts in order to achieve good and stable working performance.Glenflange

Stainless steel flange in use, the most common problem is that when welding, it is easy to size deviation. Because welding at the time of the high temperature generated by the flange itself will have some changes in the microstructure, while the thermal stress will also make the local deformation of the flange, which in use will have a great impact. Without proper stress and microstructure recovery in the HAZ of the weld, the area is prone to embrittlement or corrosion during extended operation of the equipment. If not found in time to discharge, in the course of operation, the safety hazard is very serious.

Stainless steel flange installation and use of the process, always pay attention to check the flange connection leaks and other phenomena. If there is a drip, pay attention to check whether the connecting bolt is loose. Such as the exclusion of this factor there is still leakage, the filter should be replaced by replacing the flange seal gasket or sealant.


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