The main development direction of spiral welded pipe

- Apr 20, 2018-

The main development direction of spiral welded pipe is:

(1) Produce large-diameter thick-walled pipes to improve pressure resistance and increase the main pressure resistance of spiral welded pipes;

(2) Develop new types of steel, improve the technological level of smelting process, and produce and weld high-quality spiral welded pipe, and extensively adopt controlled rolling and residual heat treatment after rolling to continuously improve the toughness and welding performance of the pipe;

(3)Strengthen the development of coated pipes, such as applying anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall of the pipe, can not only prolong the service life, but also improve the smoothness of the inner wall, reduce the frictional resistance of the fluid, reduce the accumulation of wax and dirt, reduce the number of pigging, and reduce maintenance. cost. glenflange

(4) Design and production of new structure steel pipe, such as double spiral welded pipe, that is, using a strip of steel pipe with half the thickness of the pipe to be welded into a double pipe, not only higher in strength than a single layer pipe of the same thickness, but also not brittle. In the use of spiral welded pipe to be in accordance with certain process standards for production and processing, strict control of the production process, so that it has a good quality and performance, play an important role in the use and promotion.


The space for the development of spiral welded pipes is enormous. It is developed and promoted in different industries and fields, effectively reducing the troubles in construction and construction, and fully realizing its value.