The difference between National standard flange and non - standard flange

- Aug 18, 2017-

1. The GB flange is belong to universal parts, for general purpose usage. Various specification of the flange diameter, screw holes, thickness is all fixed. Moreover, the GB flange consider the safety factors, so the size and thickness of the safety margin is relatively larger.

2. The non-standard flange is generally used by enterprises or individuals in order to save material or draw on local resources, and then design own’s flange.

3. Generally speaking, non-standard flanges will be designed to be smaller and thinner than the national standard flanges, also save materials relatively. Or change the form of sealing surface, like using O-ring seal.

4. We can buy National standard flange everywhere in the international market, while find and get non-standard flange, must subject to its drawings, designing and working & machining.

We, Glen Flange have developed a methodology for designing and optimising non-standard flanges. These flanges are designed specifically for the working conditions of a specific application: pipe dimensions up to 3 m, high pressures, high temperatures, etc.