Stainless steel flange in the process of what kind of problems and how to solve

- Mar 05, 2018-

Stainless steel flange in the process of what kind of problems and how to solve

Stainless steel flange processing need to understand and pay attention to some problems:

1, weld defects: stainless steel flange weld defects more serious, if it is to use manual mechanical polishing method to make up, then the resulting grinding marks, resulting in uneven surface, will affect the appearance;

2, uneven grinding and polishing passivation: manual grinding and polishing pickling passivation treatment of the larger parts, it is difficult to achieve uniform treatment effect, can not get the desired uniform surface. There are shortcomings of its working hours costs, excipients costs are also higher;

3, the scratch is difficult to remove: the overall pickling passivation, in the presence of corrosive media under the conditions of chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion and rust, can not be removed due to scratches, welding spatter and attached to the stainless steel surface carbon steel , Splash and other impurities;

Stainless steel flange,So how to solve the problem of stainless steel flange processing it?

1, choose blanking, after completion, enter the next process, different parts of stainless steel according to the processing requirements into the corresponding process;

2, the first bend to be based on the size of the drawings, the thickness of stainless steel 304 seamless tube to determine the bending tools and sipes used to avoid collision with the product caused by deformation is the key to the mold selection (in the same A product, you may use different types of upper die), the choice of the lower mold according to the thickness of the plate to determine.

3, in order to weld firmly, in the workpiece to be welded on the bump, you can make the bump contact with the flat plate before the power welding, to ensure that the point of heating the same, but also to determine the welding position, the need for welding, to be adjusted Good preload time, dwell time, maintain time, rest time, to ensure that the workpiece can be spot welding firm.