Some Typical Uses Of Pipelines

- Jul 24, 2017-

1. Fuel oil systems

2. Lubricating oil systems

3. Fresh water system for diesel engine cooling

4. Sea water system for cooling the fresh water(which cools the diesel engine)

5. Cargo pumping system(in case of ships carrying liquid cargoes like oil, chemicals etc..)

6. Steam supply system for heating fuel oils, accommodation & cargo pump turbines (cargo heating too).

7. The refrigeration/air conditioning systems using pipelines for circulation of refrigerants.

8. Hot water for accommodation and cooking purposes.

9. Boiler feed water/steam condensate piping system

10. Hydraulic oil to hydraulic systems like steering gears/mooring winches.

11. Compressed air pipings for starting the engines/control and automation purposes/pneumatic tools etc.

12. Bilge pumping systems

13. Ballast piping systems.

14. Fire line systems

15. Fixed fire fighting systems for engine room, pump room etc. like carbon-dioxide systems