Ship financial leasing rises in the East

- Feb 20, 2020-

Zhao Shen is the general counsel of China Shipping leasing under the jurisdiction of China Shipping Group, and the licensed lawyer of China and New York state. Previously, Zhao Shen worked in China's major commercial banks and shipping financial leasing institutions in shipping finance, risk management and legal compliance.            

The crisis created opportunities. Chinese leasing enterprises began to meet the needs after the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, and grew into an important force in the world ship financial leasing market in more than 10 years. "At present, Chinese leasing enterprises are so active in the ship financial leasing market, which was unimaginable even 10 years ago," Zhao Shen said. This is an opportunity given by the times to our generation. It is the development of our motherland that enables our generation to represent China's power to move towards the forefront of shipping finance. "            

Zhao Shen said with deep feeling that he had read a series of novels about banks in Germany, Britain and Norway providing financing for ships before, and enjoyed the communication between these traditional ship financing institutions and large shipowners in the books, feeling that everything was so legendary. Now, what Zhao Shen saw in his books has been integrated into his daily work. Yes, the world's ship finance leasing industry has "risen" in the East.           

 At present, Zhao Shen, who works in CSSC leasing, is integrating his career ideal into the development of China's ship financial leasing industry, so that the enterprise will glow in the sunshine.