Schottle invests millions of euros to expand CFD capacity

- Feb 20, 2020-

Schottel, a German propulsion maker, recently said it would invest millions of euros to increase its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities. According to schottle, the results obtained in the CFD simulation can be used to optimize the propulsion scheme.           

 Manfred Heer, vice president of technology of schottle, said, "CFD simulation has been an integral part of the design process of schottle company for many years. CFD calculation can be used to simulate and analyze various applications, such as propeller performance in open water, ship resistance and towing power, steering performance, cavitation risk or noise development. In addition, this method enables us to obtain valuable load data for the mechanical components of the propulsion system. For example, this method can simulate extreme operating conditions that cannot be tested in actual ship operation due to safety reasons. By improving our capabilities, we can ensure the highest possible quality of CFD calculations. The level of detail of the calculation can be raised to any level required by the task at hand. It is measured according to the correlation of the results, and carefully adjusted considering the predicted calculation time and available calculation capacity, which means that we can calculate everything related to fluid mechanics. In addition, we can use CFD to support each development project and make more precise assertions about flow behavior. "            The CFD calculation benefits from the fact that the model can be expanded, scaled, and modified freely at any time, with little effort, schottle said. In this way, the simulation can also be applied to the flow which is difficult to be realized by experiment or cannot be determined by experience measurement.