Samsung Heavy Industries builds the second flng for Petronas

- Feb 20, 2020-

After nearly five years, Petronas carigali's second floating LNG unit (flng) finally set sail from South Korea to the rotan gas field off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia.            

The flng, built by Samsung Heavy Industries of South Korea, was named "pflng Dua" in November last year. On February 18, Petronas carigali announced that the "pflng Dua" has left Samsung Heavy Industry and is expected to arrive at its offshore destination in about two weeks, with a voyage of about 1840 nautical miles.            

Upon arrival at the rotan gas field, the installation, connection and commissioning of the pflng Dua will begin, with the scheduled start-up date (rfsu) set at mid-2020 and the provisional acceptance (PA) set at the end of 2020.            

When ready, pflng Dua will be operated by 120 crew members and is expected to produce a batch of LNG cargo every two weeks. "Pflng Dua" is designed to extract natural gas from the deep-water gas reservoir with a depth of 1500 meters. It is the first flng capable of exploring the deep-sea with a depth of 1500 meters.