Review and Prospect of international ship financing market

- Feb 20, 2020-

In 2019, the world is in the period of pattern reconstruction without great change in a century. European traditional financing institutions gradually reduce the scale of ship financing, or even withdraw from the field of ship financing. At the same time, under the dual guidance of market and policy, Chinese financial institutions play an increasingly important role in the international ship financing market. In general, the key words of international ship financing market in 2019 are scale expansion, risk prudence, interest rate decline, trend differentiation, investment reduction, environmental protection improvement, performance improvement and slowdown of Chinese capital growth. Looking forward to 2020, the demand for project financing in the international ship financing market is expected to rise, and there is a possibility of transformation to the buyer's market. The concept of green development of ship financing will be further rooted in the hearts of the people, and China's ship leasing is expected to develop to a higher level.