- Feb 09, 2018-

Control of physical and chemical tests to ensure that the product of various physical and chemical indicators to meet the standards.

12.2 Application
  It is suitable for quality control of physical and chemical tests in the process of manufacturing stainless steel seamless pipe.
12.3 Responsibilities
12.3.1 Technical department is responsible for organizing test personnel to control the physical and chemical testing process.
12.3.2 Physical and Chemical Responsible Person is responsible for compiling physical and chemical test procedures and guiding the implementation.
12.3.3 Physical and chemical test personnel shall be responsible for the strict operation according to the test procedures and ensure the accuracy of test results.
12.4 Procedures
12.4.1 Equipment and Environment The test equipment and instrument shall be configured to meet the needs of work and be qualified by qualified metrological verification agencies and shall be validated within the validity period of the calibration to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results. Physical and chemical responsible person is responsible for organizing the development of test equipment, equipment operating procedures, test personnel should be strictly in accordance with operating procedures. For the control of the laboratory environment (temperature, humidity and illumination), there shall be a monitoring and measuring device which shall be properly documented and inspected regularly.
12.4.2 304 stainless steel tube test implementation Physical and chemical testing personnel shall be trained by the relevant departments, passed the examination and obtained the corresponding qualification certificates before they can take induction work and undertake the test work of the corresponding project. When physical and chemical tests are required, the inspector shall fill out the "Inspection Order", stating the material name, grade, specification, furnace number or batch number, status, test items, acceptance criteria, etc. and shall examine and approve the responsible person . Test methods should adopt the methods prescribed by the state or other methods whose accuracy meets the requirements of the national standards.
12.4.3 Quality control of the test process: Test operators must strictly implement the test method standards, test procedures and equipment operation procedures; The laboratory operator must strictly carry out the inspection of process discipline. physicochemical persons, inspectors have the right to stop illegal operations.
12.4.4 304 seamless steel pipe original records and test reports